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This website are still in testing, please do not place any order yet. thank you !

08.1 - Wheels Inspection

Maintenance of spoke tension and wheel trueness (roundness) is critical to safe motorcycle operation.

During the first 100miles of riding, spokes will loosen faster due to the initial seating of the parts. Excessively loose spokes will cause the motorcycle to become unstable at high speed and could cause you to lose control.

Loose spokes can also cause rim and spoke damage (not covered in the warranty).

It is not necessary to remove the wheels for regular maintenance. However, information on wheel removal is available from AJ1.


wheel inspection

  1. Inspect the wheel rims A and spokes B for damage or looseness. Feel the spokes with your fingers to make sure none are loose.
  2. Tighten any loose spokes with a small adjustable wrench or spoke wrench from the spoke nut C.
  3. Elevate each wheel off the ground, one at a time, and spin the wheel slowly. Look for a wobble in the wheel. If a wobble is evident, the wheel is not “true”. See your local AJ1 dealer or local motorcycle shop for inspection of the wheels.


A flat tire or tire blowout can be very inconvenient and can even cause you to have an accident. Take the time to inspect your tires and wheels before you ride. 

  1. Inspect the tire carefully for bumps or bulges in the sidewall of the tire and inside of the treads.replace any tires that have bumps or bulges in them.
  2. Look closely for cuts, slits or cracks in the tires. Replace any tire if you can see a fabric or cord showing through.
  3. Check for rocks or other objects embedded in the tires or tread. Remove any foreign objects. Be sure there are no screws or nails in the tires.
  4. Measure the tread depth of the tires. Replace all tires before the read depth gets below 0.12in (3mm) or anytime you notice a reduction in your traction.
  5. Check the position of both valve stems. A tilted valve stem indicates that the tube is slipping inside of the tire or the tire is slipping on the rim. See your AJ1 dealer for assistance.
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