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This website are still in testing, please do not place any order yet. thank you !

02.3 - Motorcycle Pre-Ride Inspection

Before each, and every ride you take, it is extremely important that you inspect the motorcycle and make sure any problems you find are corrected. A pre-ride inspection is a must because off-road riding can be very tough on a motorcycle and you do not want to have a breakdown for from help.


 Components Check Points
  1. Use a tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure. Inflate or deflate as needed.
  2. check for signs of damage or excessive wear.
Spokes & Rims
  1. Make sure all of the spokes are tight.
  2. Inspect the rim to be sure it is not bent.
  • Look under the motorcycle for signs of leaking fluids such as engine oil or gasoline.
Engine Oil
  • Check the level of engine oil and add if needed.
  1. Check the level of fuel in the gas tank. Add if needed.
  2. Be sure the gas cap is tightened securely.
Drive Chain
  1. Inspect the drive chain condition and slack. Adjust and lubricate if needed.
  2. check the chain guide(s) and roller(s) for wear and replace if and when it is worn.
  3. For detailed instructions on drive chain slack adjustment, see the Servicing section of this manual.
Brake Hoses
  • Inspect the brake hoses for leaks and replace if needed.
Nuts & Bolts
  • Inspect all accessible nuts and bolts. Tighten then if it is needed.
Spark Plug & Cap
  1. Check the spark plug for looseness. Tighten if needed.
  2. Be sure the cap is pushed on the spark plug and it is tight properly.
  • Check the throttle free-play and adjust if needed. Rotate the throttle to be sure it moves easily and freely. Make sure that it snaps back to its closed position automatically when you release it in all steering positions.
  • Step on the rear brake lever and squeeze the front brake lever to be sure the brakes are working properly.



Remember, be sure to take care of any problems you find or have your AJ1 dealer correct it before you ride.

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