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This website are still in testing, please do not place any order yet. thank you !

9.1 - Chain Inspection

The service life of your drive chain will depend on several factors including proper lubrication, adjustment, and riding style. If you are an experienced rider and tend to ride in a more intense manner, or you ride in muddy/dusty areas, you will need to check the drive chain more frequently. Poor maintenance will cause pre-mature wear and/or damage to the drive chain and sprockets.

Before you service your drive chain, be sure you are parked on a level surface and you turn the engine OFF. Be sure the transmission is in neutral. It is not necessary to remove or replace the chain to perform recommended maintenance service.


  1. Check the slack in the lower drive chain midway between the sprockets . Push upward on the chain with your finger. The vertical movement should measure between 8-10mm
  2. Repeat step 1 along several points of the drive chain. The slack should remain constant through- out. If it is not, some links may be kinked and binding. Lubricating the chain will often stop this from happening.
  3. Inspect the drive chain for the following: damaged rollers, loose pins, dry or rusted links, kinked or binding links and excessive wear. Replace the chain, loose pins or kinks that cannot be freed. Lubricate the drive chain if it appears dry or shows signs of rust. Lubricate any kinked or binding links and work them free.
  4. You should replace the drive chain once the rear axle is moved as far back as possible and slack remains. This indicates that the chain is worn beyond its service limit.
  5. Inspect the front and rear sprockets for excessive wear and/or damage. Refer to the illustration at the top of page 50. If needed, replace any worn or damaged sprocket(s). See your local AJ1 dealer for assistance.
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