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8.3 - Tire & Tube Replacement

A flat tire or tire blowout can be very inconvenient and can even cause you to have an accident. Take the time to inspect your tires and wheels before you ride. For more information about handling a flat tire, refer to the section of this manual titled, Resolving the Unexpected.

  • Inspect the tire carefully for bumps or bulges in the sidewall of the tire and inside of the treads.

replace any tires that have bumps or bulges in them.

  • Look closely for cuts, slits or cracks in the tires. Replace any tire if you can see a fabric or cord showing through.
  • Check for rocks or other objects embedded in the tires or tread. Remove any foreign objects. Be sure there are no screws or nails in the tires.
  • Measure the tread depth of the tires. Replace all tires before the read depth gets below 0.12in (3mm) or anytime you notice a reduction in your traction.
  • Check the position of both valve stems. A tilted valve stem indicates that the tube is slipping inside of the tire or the tire is slipping on the rim. See your AJ1 dealer for assistance.


If a tube has been punctured or damaged, it should be replaced immediately. You may repair the tube using a tube patch kit. However, a repaired tube may not have the same reliability as a new one and could fail while riding. For more information on a temporary repair, see the section titled Resolving the Unexpected.

Always use replacement tubes that are the same size as the original. We recommend that you have tubes changed at your local AJ1 dealer or your local motorcycle shop. Replacing a tube requires removal and installation of the wheel. Anytime you have a tube replaced, perform the tire inspection listed at the top of this page. The tires that came on your motorcycle were designed to provide a good combination of handling, braking, durability and comfort across a broad range of riding conditions.

  • Use a replacement tire equivalent in size and type to the original tire.
  • Replace the tube anytime you replace a tire. Old tubes are usually stretched and, if installed in a new tire, could fail.
  • Have the wheel balanced after a new tire has been installed.
  • We recommend that tires be replaced by your AJ1 dealer or a local motorcycle shop.
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