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Motorcycle Electricity System – AC to DC Conversion

this article is from by Saleh Mohammad

Motorcycle Electricity System is an essential integrated part of the machine as the engine is. Being ignited through electric spark ignition into the internal combustion chamber it needs electricity. Hence accordingly for other road legal feature like lights and signals again it needs electricity. Hence the electricity system may differ according to manufacturer whereas focusing that issue here we are in discussion. Let’s head in also for AC to DC conversion issue.

Motorcycle Electricity System – Basic Circuit

Motorcycle electricity system covers a wider electrical circuit system covering power generation and consumption hubs. In basic the motorcycle engine produces electricity through the rotation of crankshaft thereby running the electricity generator. This produced electricity generally delivered to the ignition system after rectifying. It can be through the motorcycle battery or just bypassing the battery.

Secondly it delivered to the motorcycle battery to keep it charged so that it can deliver power to other hubs. So this is the basic circuit of the motorcycle electricity system. Furthermore the light and signals are also attached with the main power source or through the battery. Those are the secondary circuit which also mandatory for a road legal motorcycles.

Motorcycle Electricity System – AC & DC System

Motorcycle electricity system can be different in design according to the manufacturer and according to motorcycle model. But the basic layout of the system remains same in all type of motorcycles. Commonly we are known about two types of electricity features in the motorcycle electricity system. But again here also the basic arrangement is same and differs with minor circuit that related with the headlamp.

In the motorcycle electricity system the AC type and DC type system is widely known. But again both the system produces AC current in the generator and converted into DC before the usage in hubs.

Generally in low priced motorcycles, commuters or carburetor fitted motorcycles are featured with AC type system. On the counter all the hi-tech motorcycles comes with full DC system and those comes with heavy & powerful battery. Hence accordingly those also come with hi-tech electronic devices which need very stable DC electricity.

AC Electricity System

Whatsoever in AC system AC electricity generates from the power generator of the motorcycle. Then it delivered to the ignition system, again though the battery or bypassing the battery.

Secondly it charges the battery. Thirdly it delivered to the headlamp and tail lamp which is the core identity of the AC type system. Here we should mention the electricity delivered to different direction from the generator that done after converting into DC current through the rectifier.

Hence here the iconic feature of the system is the direct headlamp connection. It operated directly sourcing the AC power from generator but of course after converting the current into DC. Hence getting direct connection from the generator its electricity flow is not stable or steady. So the headlamp illumination fluctuates upon RPM changes of the engine.

DC Electricity System

Coming to the DC electricity system the engine generator also generates AC power. Here everything is same like AC system but the electricity delivered directly to the battery after converting into DC.

In carburetor fitted motorcycle a secondary circuit also used to connect with the ignition system. But in fuel injected engine ignition system gets the electricity only through the battery.

Hence all the hubs and electric equipments are connected after the battery. Therefore the electricity flow comes from the battery, so it’s constant and stable. Accordingly any electric device like the headlamp can be used even not starting the engine in this DC system.

Motorcycle Electricity System – AC to DC Conversion

After the discussion on the motorcycle electricity system now the issue comes is it possible to convert the AC system to DC? Yes it is possible and not a difficult job. It can be done with few rearrangement of the wiring of the motorcycle. So AC to DC conversion it’s an easy modification but of course few issues should be considered before the modification.

AC system is an economic feature in the low priced motorcycle. Here the second higher power consumer therefore the headlamp connected to the generator bypassing the battery. So the battery carries a minimal load hence accordingly its light in capacity and cheap in price. Furthermore the low capacity battery charging circuit capability is also limited.

So when someone tries to convert the system therefore the headlamp circuit into DC they connect it after the battery. It needs to replace the bulb, battery and needs to update the charging circuit. Otherwise the whole electricity system will be ruined due to low capacity battery and poor charging arrangement.

So readers after this discussion hope you got a clearer concept on motorcycle electricity system. Hope it also will be helpful for you to choose the right feature in your motorcycle.

Furthermore be sure and fully prepared before the electricity system conversion of your motorcycle from AC to DC. Otherwise you will face various difficulties with the motorcycle electricity system.  Therefore keep rolling with us for new topic discussion and stay connected. Ride safe, thank you all.

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